How to upload files?

It is very easy — just go to Home page and use the upload form.

  1. Click the Choose file button to decide which file you want to upload.
  2. After choosing a file, click Upload and track a progress bar.
  3. Wait until links for file download and file deletion appear.

Attention! Save file download and removal links anywhere, because it is not possible to recover these links.

To prevent losing these links, we recommend to all users to register in our service. In that case, all files will be available under My files link.

How to download files for free?

Open a page with a file, and then click Download file. Max download speed is up to 0.5MB/s.

Do I have to pay for uploading and downloading files?

No! Each user can upload and download files for free!

What are the limitations?

A maximal file size cannot exceed 10 GB. A file should not break Terms of Use.

When an uploaded file can be deleted from the server?

Files are deleted from the server if they brake our Terms of Use or have not been downloaded for the last:

  • 20 days for files of size < 1 GB
  • 15 days for files of size from 1 GB to 3 GB
  • 5 days for files of size > 3 GB